^(‘(oo)’)^ Humble Piglets


Some really great folks have contributed a lot to moving this effort forward, including Christina Jordan, Connie Mudore, Valerie Gogel and Saya Saw Lwin Oo (a.k.a. Tar Eh).

Additional debts of gratitude are owed to the individuals on this page for their gracious company along the learning journey about the Mae Sot trash dump, which has evolved into the Piglets for Progress campaign:

  1. Ashin Sopaka and King Zero, activist monks and co-founders of the Best Friend Library, who graciously introduced us to their the dump community friends.

  1. Jerry Nelson, Teun Melis and Hester de Vries who participated in conversations at the dump and with organizations who are active there.

  1. Jeff Warner - Author/Photographer, Producer of Dignity Amidst the Rubbish a beautiful photo tribute to the integrity in the story of these families, including dump community voices we collected. (You can download the complete book in .pdf form when you contribute $30 or more at Startsomegood!)

  1. Tonsom Ruechaipanitch - the talented 10th grade student from Chiang Mai International School who created our campaign video.

And also, these good hearted and knowledgeable people who helped us learn about resources currently available to the dump community ~

  1. Naing Htun from Burmese Migrant Teacher's Association, who is working with parents at the dump to make schooling available to their children who can attend.

  2. Daniel & Ashley from Compasio, whose volunteers work to strengthen the emotional safety net of children at the dump.

  3. Kate McGannon & Annie Po Mu from the awesome Mae Tao Clinic, which offers free award-winning health-care to undocumented border migrants.

  4. Fred Stockwell from Eyes to Burma who provides the community with clean drinking water, housing materials, medical transport and - most recently - food relief for the elderly in 17 families.

  5. Kyaw Kyaw Min Hut from BEAM Education Foundation, which offers Burmese migrant youth the opportunity to earn an internationally recognized high school diploma.

  6. Garrett Kostin from the Best Friend Library, a Burma education center with 3 branches in Thailand and another 3 in Myanmar.

  7. Phil Thornton - Bangkok Post writer and author of Restless Souls: Rebels, Refugees, Medics and Misfits on the Thai-Burma Border

  8. John Hulme who inspired exploration in those early discussions,

  9. Jean Russell of Thrivable.net, who unwittingly gave us the simple RACI framework for governing our informal team, and

  10. Patty Simonton and Tom Dawkins from Startsomegood.com for their help and encouragement in setting up the Piglets for Progress crowdfunding campaign.

Outstanding Debts of ^(‘(oo)’)^ Gratitude

StartSomeGood Campaign Contributors
There simply are not enough words to express the gratitude you deserve. Without all of your generous piggy bank change, none of this could happen.

Each person around the world who has contributed to Piglets for Progress financially is honored with a grateful mention below.

^($(oo)$)^ Thank you!

  1. -Jean Russell in Illinois, USA

  2. -Wiebke Herding in the Netherlands

  3. -Nina Kh & Ronaldo Carrara in Thailand

  4. -Lisa Fisher in British Columbia, Canada

  5. -Connie Mudore in Thailand

  6. -Evvy Bryning in Washington, USA

  7. -Dawn Mudore, USA

  8. -Tom Dawkins in Sidney, Australia

  9. -Linda Nowakowski in Ohio, USA

  10. -Colleen Brown in the USA

  11. -Diane Sullivan

  12. -Garrett Kostin in Thailand

  13. -Annie Bilton in Australia

  14. -Mary Lightfoot in Australia

  15. -Rick Boutilier in Thailand

  16. -Kathy Bruno in Wisconsin, USA

  17. -Thomas Treat

  18. -Ash Outlaw in Australia

  19. -Rajaraman Kesavalu

  20. -Kathryn Ananda, from Australia

  21. -Steve Hackman in Hong Kong (Steve also wrote a lovely blog post about the campaign!)

  22. -Tung Lee

  23. -Kristen Elde in Seattle, USA

  24. -Teun Melis in Thailand

  25. -Bonnie Koenig somewhere between Chicago and her new home in India

  26. -Liek

  27. -Tiffany White in Seattle, USA

  28. -Karen Conaway in Seattle, USA

  29. -Ronny Lavin in Thailand

  30. -Joe Sieder

  31. -Ellen Agger in Nova Scotia, Canada

  32. -Shawn Rasmussen Kelly in California, USA

  33. -Thomas Kriese in California, USA

  34. -Gillian Caldwell in Thailand

  35. -Beddie O’Malley

  36. -Epko Haitsma in Vietnam

  37. -Angela Swift

  38. -Kim Kirstead in Chicago, USA

  39. -Heidi Matthies Dodd in California, USA

  40. -Jackie Brosseuk in Canada

  41. -Edwin Relker in the Netherlands

  42. -Renate Khaosopa in Thailand

  43. -Karen Platt in the USA

  44. -Martin Archer in England

  45. -Zona

  46. -Frances Wood in Thailand

  47. -Jean Kwaterski

  48. -Marte Eisses in the Netherlands

  49. -Clara

  50. -Tessa OlivMart in Belgium

  51. -Allen Babaran

  52. -Claudia Lenzen

  53. -Linda Ziskind in New York state, USA

  54. -Sandra Woolfenden

  55. -Ann Campoll

Booster T-shirt Campaign Participants

Gratitude to the following stylish folks, who’ve joined us in wearing or giving some chic piglets fashion.

  1. -Christina Jordan

  2. -Dawn Mudore

  3. -Lillie Garrido Butcher

  4. -Connie Mudore

  5. -Rick Boutilier

  6. -Epko Haitsma

Campaign ends
7 December 2013