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Activity Update: 17 Dec 2014

  1. -Project contributors have been informed that Phase 1 will not be followed by phase 2. See “Knowing when and why to stop helping.”

Activity Update: 4 Nov 2014

  1. -Christina (project initiator) and Saw (local coordinator) visited the dump community to let them know that the project will not continue to phase 2.

Activity Update: 7 May 2014

  1. -A co-creative community dialogue event was held in early May, inviting the community to share their learnings about pig raising with each other, and to surface the gaps to be filled in the planning for Phase 2.

Activity Update: 25 Mar 2014

  1. -A 3-day uncontrollable fire with toxic smoke has occurred at the dump, leaving the families sick and vulnerable, and causing some death and widespread illness among the piglets. 5 pigs died.

  2. -Emergency funds were raised from project supporters via facebook to provide rice and cooking oil to the families, as they were not able to work for several days.

Activity Update: 17 Feb 2014

  1. -39 of the 50 new piglet owners have been interviewed for baseline data about the pigs’ environment, household information and family history.

  2. -preliminary analysis of the interviews can be found here.

Activity Update: 13 Jan 2014

  1. -All 50 piglets foreseen for delivery in Phase 1 have been delivered!

  1. -Our trip to visit/verify the piglets (and their owners) in mid December was cancelled at the last minute due to two holiday parties organized by the community by NGOs that same weekend. The trip is rescheduled for the weekend of 24 January.

Activity Update: 02 Dec 2013

  1. -An advance of an initial ThB30,000 has been transferred to Mae Sot to begin buying piglets, while the Startsomegood campaign funds remain enroute to Thailand. Financial details will be updated here

  2. -NEW GIVING IDEA - Honor a friend with a personalized gift to Piglets for Progress in their name. Details here.

  3. -We’ve sold 22 TSHIRTS so far at Booster.com - campaign ends on 7 December for US delivery in time for Christmas!

  4. -Planning a next trip to Mae Sot on 14-15 December

Activity Update: 23 Nov 2013

  1. -NEW CAMPAIGN - Piglet T-shirts! Great holiday gift idea, on sale now thru 7 December 2013

  2. -THE STARTSOMEGOOD CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED! $3,821 raised from 57 backers. Gratitude to all!

  3. -Christina Jordan and Saya Saw met with the trash dump community on 22 November to plan for 50 incoming piglets. Read: 3 extraordinary things that happened at the dump.

Activity Update: 18 Nov 2013

  1. -THE CAMPAIGN HAS TIPPED! $3,371 raised from 54 backers so far - Phase 1 is a go!

  2. -New blog post from Connie Mudore: Suu’s Piggy Bank

  3. -Now planning a trip to Mae Sot on 23-24 November

Activity Update: 07 Nov 2013

  1. -$2,290 raised from 31 backers!

  2. -New blog post from Hester de Vries: Social activist versus mum - identity clash at the Mae Sot dump

Activity Update: 26 Oct 2013

  1. -$1,880 raised from 21 backers!

  2. -New post from Garret Kostin, director of the Burma Study Center: Miasma, Disillusionment, and Hope at the Mae Sot Rubbish Dump

  3. -New MOVIE: Frits the activist baby makes an impact at the Mae Sot dump

Activity Update: 21 Oct 2013

  1. -$1,835 raised from 19 backers in just our first week!

  2. -New post on the Piglets Blog by collaborator Jerry Nelson: A Problem, A Solution, A Step in the Right Direction”

  3. -The campaign was featured in the Startsomegood.com home page lineup and weekly newsletter.

Activity Update: 15 Oct 2013

  1. -Campaign launched on 14 October

  2. -Thank you sent to everyone on the Gratitude page

  3. -FB promotion strategy underway

  4. -Planning for CMIS student involvement

  5. -$920 raised in the first 12 hours

Activity Update: 7 Oct 2013

  1. -finalizing the campaign & plan with dump headmen via emails & text with our interpreter

  2. -pigletsforprogress.org created

  3. -video done (thanks Tonsom!)

  4. -startsomegood campaign submitted for approval

  5. -creating pre-campaign buzz

  6. -designing a content/marketing plan for multiple people involved in the project


We’ll be updating this page at least bi-monthly until the project’s completion, with news about funds raised & piglets delivered.


at 17 Dec 2014

- Funds Raised (net): $ 3,426

- ^(>(oo)<)^ delivered: 50


  1. -$10,048 raised

  2. -160 piglets delivered

Current Campaign: ---

Next update: Q1 2015

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