Piglets for Progress

at the trash dump in Mae Sot, Thailand


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Success at StartSomeGood.com - Thanks to all who pitched in!!


Imagine fleeing from home because your nation is at war. You find yourself in a new country where you are not officially allowed to work.

In searching for a way to feed your family, you end up at a garbage dump. The $1 per day you can earn by finding and selling recyclables is barely enough to get by on, but it’s better than life in a refugee camp. That’s the reality for 110 Burmese migrant families at the trash dump in Mae Sot, near the Thai/Burma border.


Piglets for Progress is an idea from the dump community’s leaders for increasing the livelihood of families who live there, so that more of the community’s children can attend school instead of sifting through garbage full-time.

We’re supporting their idea by asking the world for help on their behalf. After our recent success at startsomegood, we’ve delivered an initial group of 50 piglets, and are now in pause mode while we see how they do.

On the pages of this site you’ll learn more about the community of refugees we are supporting.  You’ll also come away thinking about piglets in new ways! There’s a variety here, including these not to miss:

Wondering how
you can help?

The Phase 1 trial of the pigletsforprogress initiative will not be followed by a Phase 2. See here to learn why.

Please consider instead supporting the excellent work of Compasio, who provides targeted family-level support for children at risk, at the Mae Sot landfill and in other migrant communities near the Thai-Myanmar border.

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